Frederick's of Hollywood

web design / Commerce

Frederick’s of Hollywood was founded with a simple premise: Radiating confidence and alluring a sense of beauty for women across the world. The objective was simple. How can we achieve a more sophisticated look and feel, while maintaining a logical and creative solution that will engage customers to a more pleasant shopping experience in an effort to increase conversion rates? As an art director at branded online I had the pleasure of working with Frederick’s of Hollywood on a brand new responsive website, improving visibility and interaction deriving to a powerful online presence. 


Versatility & Performance

We wanted to tell a story that would unite a strong identity which lacked brand cohesion. Everyone loves a good story, especially the customers at Frederick's of Hollywood who have a deep affection for the brand. Through a flexible and versatile platform, we decided to create a website that would combine content with commerce. A deeper understanding of your audience is central to your approach. Based on the data we acquired, a big percent of our audience are predominantly mobile users which lend itself perfectly upon a revamped mobile experience.